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tweetalia's Journal

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1. The obvious, stay in character!
2. NO God-modding
3. You must have tweeted at least once after a week of being accepted
4. Activity checks are performed whenever I feel it's needed. If you have not been active for at least two weeks you will be removed without warning.
5. You are only allowed to take two characters.
6. If you tweet OOC use brackets. Double brackets like these ((OOC Here)) or these [OOC HERE] are both fine or any other type of brackets you'd like to use.
7. Try and Roleplay with everyone~
8. This RP is meant to be fun! Try to stay away from angst and such.
9. If the country you choose doesn't already have a human name then feel free to give him/her one yourself.
10. Join the community for updates!
11. Make sure to follow Tweetalia_Mod on Twitter!

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